Dr. Irene Dini

Dr. Irene Dini is a researcher in Food Chemistry (CHIM 10) at the Department of Pharmacy of "Federico II" the University of Napoli, Specialist in 'Food Science,' Ph.D. in 'Natural Compounds Pharmacologically Active.' She teaches as Research Professor of: "Food chemistry," "Spectroscopic methods in food analysis," and "Science of dietary supplements of plant origin" at the Federico II University. The scientific activity of Prof. Dini is aimed at the study of natural substances and has mainly developed on four themes: a) chemical study of primary and secondary metabolites of food interest b) nutraceutical and nutricosmeceutical study of phytochemicals from food plants c) development of analytical methods for the dosage of metabolites of food and nutricosmeceutical interest d) study of environmentally friendly agronomic techniques capable of improving the nutraceutical interest of food product. She has served as board of directors of CIRANAD (Interuniversity Centres of Excellence on food, nutrition and digestive system). The results of her studies have been published in the most prestigious food chemistry journals and have been discussed in national and international conferences.