Dr. Bing Huei Chen

Bing-Huei Chen, male, food scientist, received his Ph.D. degree in Food Science & Technology, Texas A & M University, USA in 1988. His postgraduate career includes working at Fu Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan as Associate Professor from 1988–1994, Professor from 1994–2003, Distinguished Chair Professor from 2003–present, Chair of Department of Nutrition and Food Science from 1994-2000, Director of Graduate Institute of Medicine from 2006–2009, and Dean of College of Human Ecology from 2012–2015. He specializes in Lipid Chemistry, Pigment Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Food Toxicology, Functional Food and Botanical Drug Development and Biological Activity Determination as well as Nanotechnology. Until now he has published 223 research articles in internationally renowned journals and authored 11 book chapters in edited books published by International Publishers with total citations >13000 and H-index=66. He has received numerous awards including the prestigious National Invention Gold Medal Award by Ministry of Economics, Taiwan in 2018 and was honored with Outstanding Research Scientist by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. He was also honored with International Outstanding Inventor of Biotechnology by Taiwan Inventor Association/International Innovation and Invention Alliance Association in 2019 and Distinguished Professor by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China in 2015. Most importantly, Prof. Chen has developed a nano-product “Lycopene Chylomicron” and a phase III clinical trial was completed in both Taiwan and USA in 2017, demonstrating effectiveness in the treatment of patients with prostate hypertrophy. Expectedly, this product will become the first botanic drug in the world for treatment of patients with prostate hypertrophy without side effect. In 2020, the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), a European organization has honored him with IAAM Scientist Award 2020 for his contribution to the advancement of science and technology. At the same year he was also honored with Vebleo Fellow. Also, he has been rated as the top 2% scientists in the world in 2021 by Elsevier Publishers/Stanford University. More recently, the IAAM has conferred him with the Fellow of IAAM (FIAAM) for his contribution to Nanomaterials–Physics, Chemistry and Biology. He also serves as Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition and Agriculture” and Associate Editor of 2 journals “Journal of Food & Drug Analysis” and “Asian Science Bulletin”. In addition, he serves on the editorial board of 140 journals. Currently he is the President of Professors Association, Taiwan, Republic of China and was the Past President of AOAC Taiwan section from 2016-2018.