Dr. Lee Lai Kuan

Elucidation of the roles of lycopene for the improvement of cardiometabolic profiles and inflammatory status in Type II Diabetes Mellitus (FRGS) A COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF SACHA INCHI OIL SUPPLEMENTATION FOR HYPERGLYCEMIA, HYPERTENSION AND HYPERLIPIDEMIA IMPROVEMENT (External Grant) Study of Social, Cultural And Economic Aspects of Sustainable Aquaculture Focusing On Reclamation And Reuse Of Aquaculture Effluent (LRGS) DEVELOPMENT OF A SMART NUTRIENT RECIPE FOR SOILESS CULTIVATION SYSTEM (PRGS) Metabolic mechanism of inter-tissue crosstalk for excess nutrient flux in the biofluids of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) individuals using an integrated multi-omics approach (FRGS) Disaster relief and preparedness: Nutritionally-balanced, cost effective, socially acceptable, and sustainable emergency food aid design: A vital strategy for disaster abatement (FRGS) Health and safety: Integrated assessment of water quality and microbial variability at the heavily flood affected area in Sungai Pahang river basin (TRGS) Basin characteristics: Rainfall distribution in 5 states since 1967 flood until 2014 flood: Detecting the climate change effect (TRGS) Governance for disaster risk reduction: Enhancement of standard operating procedures (SOP) on flood disaster awareness, preparedness, warning system, evacuation plan & institutional arrangements for flood risk management in the Sungai Pahang River Basin (TRGS) Preparation of functionalized adsorbents from natural clays by physical, chemical and physio-chemical modifications: A fundamental investigation (FRGS) Novel Technology for Eco-Friendly Bio-Retention Facilities (LRGS) Sustainable Wetland Design Protocol for Water Quality Improvement (LRGS)